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I should have died.
I'm writing to find out, what now?

I've started writing a collection of narrative poems called 'Life After Near Death'. It follows my recent experience recovering from an assault that almost killed me, grieving the loss of a loved one, and the search for peace as everything heals.


Enter your email address to stay updated about the release (the shape of which I don’t yet know), and to have some poems shared with you along the way.

Thank you. You'll hear from me.

New opportunities welcome, but an email doesn't have to want something.

Part of the motivation for having this website is to invite opportunities to work on new things with new people. But equally, it's for me to reach you. I want a place to share my work in a more personal way. 


So to only ask for directed communication feels limiting. I'm just as happy for you introduce yourself if you've related to anything on this site, have a recommendation, or want to air a thought about something I've said.


My email is

Get in touch. I'll reply.


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