What I'm doing now

Studying Screenwriting at RMIT

I'm currently studying Screenwriting at RMIT. The course covers both film and TV, and through it I have written spec scripts, written and produced an episode of a web series, written treatments and beat sheets for various forms, and have done a fair bit of pitching.  

Books and screenplays in the works...

Short Fiction Book: 'My First Rodeo'

Inspired by two books I love: Sum by David Eagleman (40 different answers to the question of what happens in the afterlife) and One More Thing by BJ Novak (a book of comedic short stories that are not always 'complete' or fully elaborated), I'm writing a collection of dark comedy short stories for an Australian audience. There's a common theme of a self absorbed view of the world, but no common form. 

Stage: In development

Feature Film: 'The Counsellor'

'The Counsellor' is a relationship drama set during a series of counselling sessions. When a relationship counsellor is left by his wife, he begins counselling a couple whose failing marriage provides a frightening mirror through which to process his own grief.

Stage: In development

Interested in making something together?

Done. I'll be in touch.