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Melbourne-based writer, poet and filmmaker. 

Hi, thanks for coming. Don't worry, you're not late.

Have a seat, make yourself at home

but please, keep your shoes on. 

Feel free to take a look around,

there's stories, poetry and short films here

and a collection of poems about death on the way.

See my latest published work:

I should have died.
I'm writing to find out, what now?

I've started writing a collection of narrative poems called 'Life After Near Death'. It follows my recent experience recovering from an assault that almost killed me, grieving the loss of a loved one, and the search for peace as everything heals.


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Thank you. You'll hear from me.

The most recent thing 'for you to read':

A moment to read about me:

I'm a writer and filmmaker. I write screenplays, short fiction and poetry, as well as produce content (written and video) for businesses.

I also ride bikes, run long and enjoy croissants. I live in Melbourne.

And if you have time to spare...

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