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Walks (Poem)

Originally published in Voiceworks Issue #120: Divine

I will come early

to walk your dogs for you—

who need to be walked separately for now.

Not because they’re dangerous,

but they each need someone to protect them

in case they are attacked again.

You will open the door,

your finger hooked under

the young one’s collar,

telling me: ‘look how happy she is to see you.’

I will pat her once she sits,

but think she must associate me

with going outside.

I will take each dog as far

as I have time for

or until I’m out of plastic bags.

Sometimes I will get frustrated

when they sniff too much,

but will always stop to lift a paw

when the leash

gets caught

under one of their front legs.

When I’m back

and have the older dog unclipped

we will sit, worried that he limps.

I will let you drive me home

if the weather’s bad.

As I leave you will say ‘thanks’

or ‘I love you’

and I will almost forget

to organise

what time tomorrow

I will do the walks.

Everyone who contributes to Voiceworks works really hard to get into it, including the person who made the cover I've shared here. It means a lot for you to have a copy.


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